The Department of Applied Mathematics

Фото: Співробітники кафедри прикладної математики. Зліва направо: доц. НАСОА Урманчев В.І.; в.о.доц.Сакада Т.Д.; проф..Моцний Ф.В.; методист кафедри Михайловська К.М.; ст.наук.співроб., проф. НАСОА Дериглазов Л.В..Welcome to homepage of Department of Applied Mathematics of the National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Audit of State Statistics Service of Ukraine.

Established in January 2007 it is the basic educational-methodical and scientific unit of NASAA.

The purpose of the department is to provide in a profound students knowledge formation of the mathematical sciences and their application in practice.

The department teaches mathematics on preparatory courses by the external independent testing program. It has published the manual “Mathematics”, offered tests, interview program and the positions of their evaluation.

Conducts lectures and practical classes for all full-time faculties (Economics and Statistics, Accounting and Audit, Financial) and the department of correspondence courses and distance learning by the following subjects:

  • Higher Mathematics;
  • Probability theory and mathematical statistics;
  • Linear algebra;
  • Financial mathematics,
  • Numerical methods.

Regulations on the Department of Applied Mathematics.

Head of Department

  • Fedir V. Motsnyi, DSc in Physics and Mathematic, Professor.

Contact information


Office #504, 1, Pidhirna str., NASAA, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04107

tel.: +380 (44) 489-66-46

Фото: Публікації кафедри прикладної математики.Department of Applied Mathematics has developed  “Work programs” for educational disciplines in accordance with the new standards and requirements of the Bologna process, aimed at transition to module-rating system of  student knowledge evaluation and the organization of their independent work (essays, tests, individual and control works, etc.); it has published a huge number of scientific and methodological articles and “Guidelines” for studying subjects and textbooks on “Higher Mathematics”, “Analytical geometry for economists”, “Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics” approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine; prepared courses of lectures on “Numerical methods”, “Linear Algebra”, “Financial Mathematics” and thus laid a solid foundation for receiving by students deep knowledge of mathematical disciplines.

Фото: Студентська наукова конференція з вищої математики.Every year the Department conducts mathematics days in NASAA – Students Olympiad and scientific conference on higher mathematics and its application in statistics, finances, banking, management, accounting and audit, which promotes youth interest to the  mathematical disciplines studying. Winners of the Olympics took part in the National Olympiad of Higher Mathematics in Sevastopol. Department is awarded by Diplomas of the Organizing Committee.

Фото: Відбувся майстер-клас проф. Моцного Ф.В. на тему «Наука – основа розвитку і прогресу людства».The department is engaged in vocational guidance work among pupils of Kyiv, popularizing scientific and practical achievements in mathematics, statistics, economic cybernetics, accounting and audit, finance and banking. It pays constant attention to educational and organizational work among students: a master class of F.V. Motsnyi,  Professor on the topic “Science – the basis of development and progress of humanity.”

Also, the Department works closely with other departments of the Academy as well as abroad. It promotes the introduction of new information technologies and the growth of professional skills of academics (training, self-education, writing scientific papers and textbooks, participation in scientific and methodical seminars, conferences, analysis of the certification results and examination sessions, exchanged views on improving students’ knowledge, reviewing of scientific articles, manuals, and textbooks). It conducts scientific seminars “Actual problems of nowadays.” In 2015, it is going to start student scientific circle “Integral” to study selected issues of mathematics.

All taken together – a guarantee that NASAA graduates will be able to get the high-skilled preparation on math, skills of individual and collective professional activity under conditions of a globalized labor markets and management.

Department of Applied Mathematics worked under creative Agreements with the Faculty of Science of the University Tor Vergata (Rome, Italy), Department of Mathematics of Kharkiv National Economic and Sevastopol National Technical University. This has allowed an exchange of views due to the of educational process organization, improving the quality of student knowledge, reviewing textbooks and scientific articles as well as to do the internship by professor F.V. Motsnyi at the University of Tor Vergata. The results of the joint researches are reflected in the pages of the leading International journals.