Department of Accounting and Taxation

Групове фото відсутнє.Department of Accounting was established by the Institute of Statistics, Accounting and Audit in 1987.

As the first head of department was appointed Honored Worker of Science of Ukraine, Dsc in Economics, Professor Borodkin A.S.. In 2002, after his death, since January 2003 as a new head of the department was appointed Dsc in economics, Professor Napadovskaya L.V.. Since September 2003 till August 2013 Dsc in Economics Panteleev V.P. was an Acting Head of Department and since September 2013 to the present time acting head of the department is Dsc in pedagogics, professor Telovata M.T.

Head of Department

  • Mariia T. Telovata, Dsc in pedagogics, Professor, expert of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Creation of the Department of Accounting was caused by the necessity of training of high-qualified personnel in the economic sphere. It was easier with the human and infrastructural capacity of the National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Audit (NASAA).  Department received new impetus when in 2004 was created the specialized scientific council D 26.87.001 with the right of admission for consideration and conducting defense of dissertations for the degree of Dsc in economics and PhD in economics by the specialty 08.00.09 “Accounting, Analysis and Audit (by types of economic activity)”. Since 2005 was separated the Department of Accounting and Audit; and since 2007 at the Faculty of “Accounting and Audit” are approved three departments: of Accounting theory, Accounting and Audit.

Department of Accounting is graduating, it organizes interdepartmental seminars for discussion and approval of theses for the degrees of Dsc and PhD’s in economics, conducts preliminary defences of graduate (final) master works, round tables.

Department of Accounting is part of the Faculty of Accounting and Audit and conducts professional training of future specialists by the specialty “Accounting and Audit” by education levels – bachelor, specialist, master. The department conducts initiation on formation of random courses for formation curriculums by the direction “Accounting and Audit”.

The high professionalism of the teaching staff of the department is a guarantee of  training  highly qualified specialists in nearest future – creative, extraordinary thinking, aimed at the future, capable to work in the economic sector.

Department lecturers have extensive practical experience and scientific achievements, which are used in teaching, as well as in the management of student’s scientific works, conducting educational and methodical work etc.

Over twenty disciplines for students of all faculties of the Academy are taught at the department.

The teaching staff is constantly improving their qualification skills, improving methods of teaching in foreign educational institutions at all countries of Europe including Hungary, Germany, Austria, Slovakia etc., and implements innovative educational technologies to the educational process.

Department of Accounting twice a year publishes professional journals: “Accounting, analysis and audit: problems of theory, methodology, organization” (special edition, Resolution of VAK of Ukraine from 16.12.2009,  № 1-05 / 6).

Every year, under the guidance of teaching staff of the department, are conducted international scientific and student conferences in memory of Dsc in Economics, professor, Honored Worker of Science of Ukraine Borodkin O.S.

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