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Фото: Дрогобицький коледж статистики.Drohobych college of Statistics history takes its back more than 50 years of. Drohobych Accounting School, established in 1946, has undergone several stages of reorganization during some decades the following way: Drohobych Training Center, Drohobych Technical College of Statistics (1998), Drohobych College of Statistics (2006).

Drohobych College of Statistics as a Higher Educational Institution of I accreditation level is a part of the National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Auditing. This status enables college its graduates to continue their education in NASAA.

College trains specialists for the various branches of Ukrainian economy. Its graduates are among employees of the State Statistics Service, State Tax Administration, State Treasury, State Control and Revision Service, state and commercial banks and other organizations.

The College has in its possession two academic buildings (19 classrooms) equipped with the sate-of-the art learning tools, as well as 3 computer labs provided by 47 computers.

The institution staff contains 35 people, including 22 of pedagogical staff (two of them have part-time job). The College sits 1 Educational Supervisor, 10 Lecturers of Advanced Proficiency; six of them have the rank of Senior Lecturer.

College’s library fund is well-stocked with courseware, including more than 10,000 copies. Annual subscription to newspapers and magazines of economic direction, being an additional source of information for students both full-time and part-time departments is performed.

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28, M.Shashkevych str., Drohobych, Lviv region, Ukraine, 82100

tel.: +380 (3244) 3-12-60, +380 (3244) 2-33-34
fax: +380 (3244) 5-03-32
e-mail: info_college@nasoa.edu.ua

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